House of the Dragon Really Failed Vermax, Turning Him Into an Adorable Mess

House of the Dragon Really Failed Vermax, Turning Him Into an Adorable Mess
Image credit: HBO

House of the Dragon is often praised for its rather brilliant design of the dragons, but there's one winged beast the show somewhat failed, apparently.

There is still hope for the fire-breather in season 2, but as of now, fans are not really happy about him.

Despite a lot of effort behind the beasts that are part of House of the Dragon's title, it looks like at least one fire-breather ended up looking surprisingly "goofy" and not very intimidating.

It's Vermax, the dragon of Jacaerys Velaryon, that fans are disappointed about. Many Redditors hope that the showrunners will eventually change the design of Jace's dragon in season 2, as his look after the time-jump if currently more of a hilarious mess than a fearsome winged beast.

However, there is a group of House of the Dragon fans who is ready to go up in arms to defend every dragon in the show, praising the showrunners for their effort to make every fire-breather unique.

"Don't hate on the little derp dragon, he's adorable and cooks a solid goat roast. Plus, he's about as terrifying as his rider, so they fit together perfectly," Redditor Playing-Koi said.

Indeed, Jace Velaryon has been anything but terrifying so far, so it is only natural for his dragon to look as goofy as he looks. Plus, as some fans suggest, Vermax, as a young dragon, might still be in his "teenager stage", and might grow into a more fearsome beast in the future.

Vermax, as well as other dragons whose riders are team Black in House of the Dragon, is expected to appear in the second season, which is due to start filming in early 2023.

HBO Max, however, is yet to schedule the premiere date for the new season.