How Does Homelander Die In 'The Boys' Comics?

How Does Homelander Die In 'The Boys' Comics?
Image credit: Legion-Media

With season 3 being in full swing, fans are beginning to wonder what fate might befall Homelander by the end of the Amazon series.

It is important to note that the original comics, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and the Amazon Pime series are very different from each other. For example, in the original material, Soldier Boy did not play a major role and was mostly considered as a Homelander's sex toy, while in the series Jensen Ackles 's character is known as the only weapon capable of killing Homelander. Thus it's safe to assume that Homelander's death in the series will not completely copy the one in the comics, but the original storyline was so exciting that fans of the Amazon show will surely wish it was live-action.

In the last issues of Ennis' comic, Homelander begins to unravel as Billy Butcher and his crew blackmail him with pictures of the superhero committing heinous crimes. Homelander's shock at receiving these photos was understandable – he didn't even remember doing these horrible things. And so, finally losing his mind, Homelander attacks the White House, intending to kill the president himself. Of course, the laser-eyed superhuman does so with ease, badly mutilating the leader of the free world. Moments later, Billy Butcher, Hughie and Black Noir join the party unannounced.

As it turns out later, the silent supe Black Noir was not just an assassin everyone thought he was – Vought International created him as Homelander's clone, possessing Homelander's appearance and his abilities both. Black Noir admits that he himself committed these crimes to incriminate Homelander and hasten his demise, just to engage with him in the battle moments later. To the shock of readers, Black Noir emerges victorious by killing Homelander.

Not a bad turn of events, right? Almost no one expected this to be the end of the almighty supe, but the writer decided to use this spectacular twist. Not surprisingly, Amazon would probably prefer to use a different ending for Antony Starr 's character, given that Black Noir is really underdeveloped in the live-action series.