How is Doctor Strange's Eldritch Magic Different From Wanda's Chaos Magic?

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Both Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff are powerful wizards, but their types of magic differ. How exactly?

While Stephen Strange, who is the Master of the Mystic Arts, wields the power of Eldritch Magic, Wanda Maximoff uses Chaos Magic. And those are not even the only two kinds of magic in the Marvel universe.

Let's take a look at both of them, and maybe pick our sides.

Eldritch Magic

The most interesting thing about Eldritch Magic is that it is basically accessible for anyone who wishes to study hard enough, even though some people are born with abilities to use this type of power.

Eldritch Magic harnesses energy from other dimensions, and one could use it in order to form spells, shields or weapons via specific gesticulations and incantations.

Aside from the basic skills in the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange, for his part, is also capable of opening portals and operating in mirror dimension. Besides, his Cloak of Levitation grants him the power to fly.

Chaos Magic

Unlike Eldritch Magic, Chaos Magic is accessible to one and only person in the MCU: Wanda Maximoff, which essentially makes her the Scarlet Witch. She is capable of forming energy structures and casting spells without incantation.

Moreover, the powers of Chaos Magic allow Wanda to literally shape or distort reality. She boasts an ability to separate her astral form from the physical body (just like Strange), but she can also maintain control of the physical body – something that Strange is unable to do.

Wanda is also able to telepathically communicate with other people, sharing her thoughts or memories with them – something that, if needed, can evolve to full-on mind control.

Chaos Magic appears to be an independent cosmic force, lying beyond the ken of even the Sorcerer Supreme. This, of course, makes Wanda a very powerful and dangerous adversary, and Doctor Strange and other wizards from Kamar-Taj seem to be on track to experience this themselves in 'Multiverse of Madness'.

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