How Old is Sponge Bob? You're Not Ready to Find Out

How Old is Sponge Bob? You're Not Ready to Find Out
Image credit: Legion-Media

Nay, nay, Captain.

In case you didn't know, Sponge Bob Square Pants had his birthday on Thursday, and his age might actually surprise you, just like it did many fans.

The thing is… our favorite Krusty Krab burger chef is 36 years old. According to his driving license that we saw in the animated series, his birthday is on July 14, 1986. This very license also says his hair – yes, Sponge Bob's famous hair – is yellow, and his eyes are "blu".

First of all, this little fun fact about Sponge Bob might make you feel really old. Secondly… many fans noted that Sponge Bob's current age implies that he was thirteen when the show started. This is interesting when you try to think about who even has an actual job and a house at such young age?

The now-iconic animated series premiered in 1999, and you weren't necessarily able to determine Sponge Bob's age. The thing about him was that he could relate to everyone equally, whether you're a kid wondering what sea life is like, or an adult struggling for some work-life balance… although, in this case, you might have been relating to Squidward this entire time.

Still, for many fans who grew up watching 'Sponge Bob', it was baffling to celebrate the yellow guy's 36th birthday. It would seem there are many years to come: 'Sponge Bob SquarePants' is still airing, currently in its thirteenth season.

Besides, Sponge Bob has landed a couple of movie spinoffs, hitting big screens in 2004, 2015, and 2020.