How Sony Hindered an Epic Vampire Crossover in the Upcoming Blade Movie

How Sony Hindered an Epic Vampire Crossover in the Upcoming Blade Movie
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A crossover with Morbius is very unlikely to happen in the upcoming MCU's Blade film.

Marvel Cinematic Universe marks the return of the vampire hunter to the screen, rebooting the character after the trilogy with Wesley Snipes in the role.

The franchise is expanding to include vampires, with Mahershala Ali's depiction of the character being the first in the MCU.

As the supernatural realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow, there is an abundance of vampire characters from the comics that could potentially make an appearance in Blade.

Dracula and his daughter Lilith, possibly portrayed by Mia Goth, are among the likely candidates to feature in some capacity.

Hannibal King is also anticipated to appear as one of Blade's allies, and Deacon Frost may make a return.

Dr. Michael Morbius, the second biggest vampire in the source material, is not a typical blood-thirsty character because his origin story is quite unique.

Dr. Michael Morbius gained his vampiric powers by trying to cure himself using a vampire bat's DNA, unlike the usual transformation that occurs when someone drinks a vampire's blood.

While many people associate Morbius with Spider-Man, he actually has a strong connection to Blade in the comics. They've crossed paths numerous times and were even teammates on the Midnight Sons, a supernatural Avengers team.

But before they teamed up, Blade and Morbius were fierce opponents in the vampire community. This connection between the characters would be a great reason to become a crossover in the upcoming Blade movie.

Well, the Morbius movie by Sony has flopped big time, and that's almost a confirmation that Jared Leto 's Morbius won't be showing up in Blade alongside Mahershala Ali.

Sony was trying to expand its universe of Spider-Man villains, but it seems they didn't quite hit the mark with this one — the film was a critical failure and didn't do well at the box office.

On a budget of $75 million, the movie brought in a total of $163 million globally, with only $74 million domestic.

Although there weren't any official plans for Leto's Morbius to appear in Blade, some fans were hoping that Marvel Studios would make it happen through the multiverse, but now that's probably not going to happen.

It's unlikely that Jared Leto will be back as Morbius in any future movies.

So, no Morbin' time for us Blade fans... thankfully, to be honest.