Huge Celeb Cameo in The White Lotus Season 2 Has Fans Freaking Out

Huge Celeb Cameo in The White Lotus Season 2 Has Fans Freaking Out
Image credit: HBO

Yes, it was HER on the phone.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for The White Lotus season 2 episode 1

The White Lotus season 2 heads for a surprise-packed start, with the creator, Mike White, offering a surprise for those who know his other works.

Yes, it would seem that the woman on the phone with Dominic Di Grasso — his presumed ex-wife — was Laura Dern herself, even though her cameo was not credited, and it was only her voice.

The speculation has been confirmed by Vulture, with the outlet noting that another White's muse (aside from Jennifer Coolidge) has delivered "a tour de force in phone acting."

Dern was previously involved in HBO's Enlightened. She portrayed Amy Jellicoe, an ambitious but naïve buyer at Abaddonn Industries who suffered a nervous breakdown and had to switch jobs.

Some fans believe that the shows could end up connected.

"The rehab facility can be down the beach from the White Lotus, like in Enlightened. I'd love to see Laura Dern work with Mike White again, too. Love this idea," Twitter user kimkelleyismyf1 said.

The first episode of The White Lotus' second season premiered on HBO Max on Sunday, October 30. The season will consist of seven episodes, all of them to premiere weekly through December 11.