I Am Groot Season 2 Is The Best Thing That Happened With MCU Phase 5 So Far

I Am Groot Season 2 Is The Best Thing That Happened With MCU Phase 5 So Far
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Packed with Groot's endearing escapades, I Am Groot season 2 is a must-watch for Marvel fans.

Let’s be honest, the miniseries I Am Groot is not the biggest release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, sometimes the best surprises sneak up on you when you least expect it. If you weren't planning on giving it a shot, we're about to show you why you should definitely reconsider.

The second season of this spinoff dropped on September 6, and fans are absolutely impressed by Groot's character development, despite his limited vocabulary. The season's humor, combined with its emotional side, are big reasons why the show struck a chord with fans.

Another big reason is the performances by the cast. Vin Diesel reprised his role in every episode, Bradley Cooper ’s Rocket also makes a brief appearance in the third episode. Surprisingly, Jeffrey Wright voiced The Watcher in one of the episodes.

While The Watcher has a limited role, it’s great that Marvel got Jeffrey Wright to voice the character, delivering a delightful surprise for many fans. Wright voiced The Watcher in the What If...? series, and will reprise the role in its second season. The appearance of The Watcher also allows the miniseries to be consistent with the rest of the MCU.

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Despite its short duration, the series is also packed with some Easter eggs. Sharp-eyed fans noticed a subtle nod to the Eternals in the episode Groot's Sweet Treat. In this episode, you can spot an ice cream treat shaped like Arishem, the Prime Celestial from the Eternals movie.

Collider's interview with Kirsten Lepore, the director of I Am Groot season 2, shed light on the creative process behind the series. And it looks like Marvel chose the right person to direct this quirky project of the MCU.

Lepore said that for many people it would have been a challenge to work with a character like Groot, who speaks only one line. But her previous experience with projects like Marcel the Shell with Shoes On allow her to feel comfortable with Groot.

Kirsten Lepore was the animation director for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, and it’s another reason why I Am Groot is worth watching. The movie won different awards for the best animated movie of 2021, and was also nominated for an Oscar, losing to Guillermo del Toro 's Pinocchio.

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