Iconic DC Writer Claims Batman's No-Kill Rule Is Part of His 'Childlike Psychosis'

Iconic DC Writer Claims Batman's No-Kill Rule Is Part of His 'Childlike Psychosis'
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But psychosis or not, Zack Snyder was admittedly still in the wrong for removing it.


  • Batman ’s notorious no-kill rule makes no sense considering he goes up against the most sadistic maniacs in history.
  • Despite that, Wayne’s honor code is central to his character, and Zack Snyder was booed for removing it in the DCEU.
  • According to Grant Morrison, the Caped Crusader’s no-kill rule is rooted in his “childlike psychosis” and is essential to him.

Everyone knows that Batman doesn’t kill his enemies, no matter the circumstances. Everyone but the DCEU fans who haven’t interacted with the DC Universe before Zack Snyder’s movies, that is, because the former DC head changed this rule. For all the questionable decisions Snyder has made over the years of ruling over DC, the removal of Batman’s no-kill rule is still his most controversial move.

Batman’s No-Kill Rule Makes No Sense

Arguably, the most unbelievable part about the Caped Crusader is not that he’s a nepo baby tech billionaire who cares about the common folk enough to risk his life on a daily basis, though it also sounds ridiculous. The most unbelievable part is that, while going against the most sadistic maniacs in existence, Batman refuses to kill any of them.

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Bruce Wayne’s nights largely consist of both withstanding and inflicting severe bodily harm, but if his enemies are all for killing the innocent people and Batman himself… He strictly follows a self-imposed code of honor that prevents him from physically destroying his foes for good, regardless of the circumstances and repeated offenses.

DC Writer Has a Weird Explanation to This Rule

While the Caped Crusader’s logic is seemingly very flawed in this regard, the no-kill rule is deeply ingrained into this character’s DNA, and fans don’t want it any other way, hence the Zack Snyder hate. But this weird honor code originates from Bruce Wayne’s personal flaw, according to a DC writer Grant Morrison who worked on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and Batman Incorporated.

“If Batman killed his enemies, he'd be the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon would have to lock him up! That Batman puts himself in danger every night but steadfastly refuses to murder is an essential element of the character's magnificent, horrendous, childlike psychosis. [It’s] fundamental to his grandeur as a fictional adventure hero,” Morrison wrote in their Xanaduum newsletter.

Presenting Batman’s honorable and questionable aspiration as his “childlike psychosis” is definitely a peculiar way of putting it, but we’ll take it. We can’t help but agree with Morrison either way since, no matter how little we understand Batman’s obsession with the no-kill rule, it’s clearly fundamental to his character.

And having Batman kill is similar to taking away Superman ’s flight ability, just saying.

Source: Grant Morrison via Xanaduum