Iconic James Bond Star Chose His Perfect New Agent 007

Iconic James Bond Star Chose His Perfect New Agent 007
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007 star Pierce Brosnan revealed his personal top pick for the new James Bond, and his idea will have you either cheering or rolling your eyes, with no in-between.


  • After Daniel Craig retired from the James Bond franchise in 2021, we haven’t learned the name of his successor yet.
  • Pierce Brosnan, a former Agent 007 star, recently shared who he’d like to take over the vodka martini glass next.
  • Brosnan’s Oscar-winning candidate was named the “best actor of his generation” by Christopher Nolan.

The James Bond franchise is among the largest and most expensive properties in the world, but it’s been almost three years since Daniel Craig retired from the gig — and we still don’t know who will take over Agent 007’s iconic glass of vodka martini (shaken, not stirred). Even the previous James Bond stars can’t contain themselves anymore, and some of them have their own perfect cast in mind!

Pierce Brosnan Wants Cillian Murphy to Play Bond

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan first put on the superspy suit in 1995 for his debut Agent 007 movie GoldenEye. He continued portraying James Bond until 2002, being Daniel Craig’s direct predecessor, and hasn’t touched the iconic gadgets since then… But Brosnan still recognizes a true secret agent when he sees one, that’s for sure!

“Cillian [Murphy] would do a magnificent job as James Bond on His Majesty's Secret Service,” the former Agent 007 star told BBC.

Before any of you naysayers pop up, here’s the deal: Pierce Brosnan said this before Cillian Murphy was announced as this year’s Oscar winner, so it’s not a hype train. But also, for all of you Murphy fans, here’s another deal: we’re not quite sure whether the Oppenheimer star would agree to portray His Majesty's agent, considering his proud Irish heritage. We would bet against that, anyway.

Is Cillian Murphy the Best Actor of His Generation?

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Receiving an Academy Award is an immense honor for any actor, and Cillian Murphy totally deserved it with his groundbreaking performance in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. But while there are many actors who have Oscars, there’s something Murphy has that others don’t: he was named the “best actor of his generation” by one of Hollywood’s most-praised directors.

Christopher Nolan recently revealed that he first told that to Cillian Murphy 15 years ago, but these words didn’t reach the public. After Oppenheimer’s overwhelming performance at the box office and among critics and the audience, he repeated them again for the record, giving Murphy a fine competitive edge over other potential James Bond actors.

Cillian Murphy as Agent 007: yay or nay?

Source: BBC