In a Duel Between Severus Snape And Lucius Malfoy, Who Would Have Won?

In a Duel Between Severus Snape And Lucius Malfoy, Who Would Have Won?
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Which Death Eater is stronger?


  • A battle between Snape and Malfoy would have been a thrilling scene.
  • Both wizards are worthy of each other and even share some similarities.
  • After a tough fight, Snape would end up being the winner after all.

The Harry Potter franchise is rich in various wizards, good and bad, noble and dark. Naturally, they simply cannot coexist in peace, which results in constant clashes. Sometimes, even those on the same side fight.

Over the course of eight movies, there were many battles among so many different magicians, fictional creatures and different sorts of villains that it may seem that you have already seen everything, but there’s always room for some more fantasy. For example, what if two of the most compelling Death Eaters collided in a fight?

We are talking about a hypothetical fight between Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Who would win if they ever were forced to fight one on one?

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Well, it has been established many times that Malfoy was one of the most dangerous of Lord Voldemort's followers. He had his strong anti-Muggle beliefs, which made many people fear and even secretly despise him. However, no one doubts that he is a strong wizard, capable of winning the most cold-blooded battles.

This means that he would be a worthy opponent for Severus Snape, who we believe needs no proof that he is an excellent duelist – after all, he even proved it in Chamber of Secrets. We also know that earlier in time he was really obsessed with the Dark Arts, which served him well after he joined the Order of the Phoenix.

Besides being an experienced wizard, Snape is also a very intelligent person in general, and the combination definitely makes him the deadliest enemy in all of Harry Potter. After all, you probably don’t want to face off someone who literally invented Sectumsempra – arguably one of the most dangerous spells in the Wizarding World.

The battle would be exciting, as it would pit two powerful wizards against each other. However, many fans believe that based on what has been established about them in the books and movies, Snape will most likely be the one to win after a tough fight.

After all, he is more focused and almost always seems to have a clear head. Remember when he had to fight Minerva McGonagall – someone he clearly respected and didn’t want to hurt? Aside from technically not losing the battle, he managed to escape it in a way that also secretly targeted the two Death Eaters behind him – so aside from being a great duelist, Snape is also good at strategy.

Malfoy, who is mostly driven by emotion (like, you just don’t try to cast Avada Kedavra at a 12-year-old for setting your elf free…), would most likely lose this duel – unless he’d drink some Liquid Luck before fighting Snape.

Who do you think will win?