In Case You Wondered: Whatever Happened to That Sun Baby From Teletubbies?

In Case You Wondered: Whatever Happened to That Sun Baby From Teletubbies?
Image credit: Legion-Media/BBC

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po… and the Sun Baby.

If you are a proud millennial, you will definitely remember these names. The colorful creatures are the main characters in Teletubbies, a show that millions of kids around the world were big fans of.

Children just loved their adventures on the hills, watching videos on their stomach screens and chowing down on some Tubby Custard. But there was another character in the show that made every viewer smile.

It's the laughing Sun Baby in the sky, who was portrayed (if that is a correct word to use) by newborn Jess Smith.

When she was only 9 months old, during a visit to the doctor, the nurse told her parents that a local production company was looking for a smiley baby.

Apparently, she thought Jess would be great in it, because she was smiling all the time during the appointment. So the parents submitted their daughter's name and the rest is history now.

The fans really liked the way Sun Baby turned out in the show.

"Aww she has very pretty eyes. I loved watching Teletubbies except for the section when they showed kids videos, as a little kid I used to hate seeing other children lol but the little laugh of the baby sun was the cutest thing," Redditor Sussana58 said.

It will come as a shock, but just as we all left our children behind, so did the smiling Sun Baby. Jess is now in her late twenties.

She seems to be a regular woman who enjoys her life and has a steady job. She never wanted to be an actress, so you won't see her playing anyone else.

Fun fact: it wasn't until she was 19 that Jess revealed that she actually is the Sun Baby from the Teletubbies. She finally felt confident enough to come out with it.

So even in a quite weird way, Jess Smith is still a celebrity.

And every time a person finds out about her past in the world-famous British show, they want a picture and an autograph. Seems like fame is the thing that never leaves you!