In the Battle of Ryans, Gosling's Hardcore Fans Completely Annihilated Reynolds

In the Battle of Ryans, Gosling's Hardcore Fans Completely Annihilated Reynolds
Image credit: Legion-Media/Netflix

An innocent question about which Ryan is better — Gosling or Reynolds — saw fans maul the latter over in the most brutal way possible.

One of the mysteriously connected duos of Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, remained the same person in many people’s eyes for the longest time as fans themselves admit. However, when you squint your eyes, the two actors have nothing in common but their shared first names — they’re different in every other way.

Both Gosling and Reynolds are incredibly famous actors, but the latter admittedly has way more publicity. Thanks to that — and to Gosling’s recent surge in popularity after Barbie — one of the fans decided to ask the community who of the two was their favorite Ryan and the better actor. Just an innocent question, right?

Well, the situation turned really ugly really quickly as fans put Reynolds through a meat grinder with their sarcastic comments and career overviews.

“Gosling has Barbie, Drive, Blade Runner 2049, The Place Beyond the Pines, Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, First Man, [and] Crazy, Stupid Love. Reynolds has…Deadpool 1, I guess?” X (fka Twitter) user rickety_tickler pointed out.

Ryan Reynolds’s questionable acting career became the main argument for most people in the comment section. The movies he was part of were not the greatest, to say the least, and most fans decided to rather aggressively point that out.

“Ryan Reynolds might have the worst filmography any movie star has ever had, it's jarring to look at as a whole, and it has never once felt like he deserved better roles,” JFrankensteiner claimed on X.

To save you from the more aggressive and straight-up insulting comments, let’s just say the absolute majority of fans agreed that Ryan Gosling is the way better actor with a phenomenal range. They didn’t exactly say such pleasant things about Reynolds, though — but many pointed out that he is a brilliant marketer if not a superb actor.

To be honest, we never expected the comment section under an innocent “Who’s our favorite Ryan?” post to be so brutal, but here we are. Apparently, despite his wicked online presence, Ryan Reynolds is not as loved as we expected, and many people are more than willing to simply destroy him if his name appears next to Ryan Gosling’s.