Industry Insider Confirms MCU's Plans For Scarlet Witch Solo Film

Image credit: Legion-Media

After Elizabeth Olsen's character transformation in 'Doctor Strange 2' fans can't help but wonder what will happen to Wanda next.

Wanda Maximoff, previously considered an extremely powerful superheroine with a heart of gold, has recently turned into a full-fledged villain, killing dozens of innocent people during the events of 'Multiverse of Madness'. Her story definitely won't end on that grim note, however: development of her solo project is rumored to begin soon. Since Feige and Co. haven't made an official announcement, fans are wondering when this project will be confirmed, and one industry insider has given their hopes a little boost.

Famous insider MyTimeToShineHello recently confirmed that the project will indeed happen, making fans of the MCU confident that the story of the Olsen's character will receive a fitting conclusion in the near future.

Fans are already debating narrative possibilities of the upcoming movie, trying to figure out how Marvel Studios will try to redeem the Scarlet Witch. Others are coming up with curious far-reaching theories, suggesting the return of some dead MCU characters in Wanda's solo project.

Some fans aren't really kin on Marvel trying to make Wanda look good again, arguing that her moral ambiguity really holds all the scenes she's in together.

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