Inside The New Rumor: Is 'Loki' Season 2 Aiming to… Copycat 'The Boys'?

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'The Boys' and the MCU? Sounds like something borderline impossible. Unless…

With the new season of 'Loki' now being officially in the works, fan speculations and theories are starting to arise – and some of them could end up being actual leaks of Marvel's plans.

According to this one, shared by CineStealth on Twitter, the second season of 'Loki' is going to actually go bananas. While exploring the concept of the multiverse, it will set up what apparently is a twisted version of Justice League (or its analogue) that is going to look like… 'The Boys'?

"Loki S2 will introduce Squadron Supreme as a The Boys-style riff on the Justice League from another timeline. Arrogant, evil analogues for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc... but they end up working for/with Kang as his muscle in Kang Dynasty," rumor has it.

It also looks like Henry Cavill himself is going to reprise an "evil version of Superman" in the upcoming season, according to the leak.

If true, this is going to be potentially the wildest combination of stuff from wholly different superhero universes that the MCU has ever – if ever – had. According to CineStealth, Cavill is being considered to portray Hyperion, but the sources have never mentioned that the deal was 100% done.

With Marvel's upcoming multiverse endeavours, pretty much everything is possible, but there is a possibility that the studio is in search of new approach and fresh superhero view: something that 'The Boys' has surely provided.

Will it be an attempt to jump on a hype train that is being controlled by someone else? After all, 'The Boys' season 3 was a massive success, setting stakes even higher and providing a twisted look at the possibility of enhanced humans living side by side with the regular ones. Just how well this idea might work out for Marvel – a studio that is renowned for all things different from 'The Boys' – time will tell. Besides, one still has to keep in mind that not every rumor is necessarily true.

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The first season of 'Loki' – much like the rest of the MCU projects – was PG-13. When it comes to 'The Boys', the Amazon show is nowhere near such a rating, as it is filled with gore, violence, and disturbing sexual scenes. Having something like that in the MCU does not seem possible as of now – especially with DCEU actor Henry Cavill on board.

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