Is Captain Marvel a Villain in 'The Marvels'? Plot Leak Hints at Yes

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Wait, what?

Warning: the following article contains unconfirmed possible spoilers for 'The Marvels'

With 'The Marvels' technically being the second installment of the Captain Marvel franchise, it would truly be a big plot twist for Carol Danvers – the main protagonist, basically – to turn out to be a villain.

However, according to a plot leak recently posted on Reddit, this will be exactly the case – albeit not from Carol Danvers' own perspective. Let us make things clear.

According to the unconfirmed plot details, Carol is perceived as "the Annihilator" by the Kree living on Hala – not least due to the fact that Captain Marvel has essentially destroyed the planet, leaving the survivors to struggle. This is why the movie's actual villain, Dar-Benn, hates her, and embarks on a mission to drain other planets and bring the resources back to Hala.

At some point in the film, Carol is going to have a moral reckoning about that, realizing that she is actually the villain for the Kree – an insight that almost makes her reject the idea of stopping Dar-Benn, as it would essentially mean destroying Hala again.

However, Monica Rambeau persuades Carol that this is a lesser evil that needs to be done because Dar-Benn's endeavor also threatens to trigger an incursion between the two universes – a potentially catastrophic event for both.

Looks like 'The Marvels' is not going to shy away from moral dilemmas, essentially doubting the idea of superheroes being saints and raising the issue of consequences and accountability. Should the plot leak be true, it would be an interesting take on the superhero image in Marvel movies.

'The Marvels' are scheduled for a theatrical release on July 28, 2023.

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