Is CGI in 'She-Hulk' Still Bad? Fans Are Divided on That

Is CGI in 'She-Hulk' Still Bad? Fans Are Divided on That
Image credit: Disney+

Since the first trailer for 'She-Hulk' premiered, fans have been concerned about the visual effects in the show. It still appears to be an issue.

When you have an entire show focused on the CGI-made character – Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk – it's only natural for people to pay extra attention to how the visual effects work. With 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', the CGI debate has been ongoing for several months as fans were underwhelmed with how Tatiana Maslany 's character looked when turning into her "green persona".

However, many people argued that the final cut in the show would see things improve. Have they improved, though?

According to what fans are seeing from episode 1, the CGI is still "wonky" and "questionable", especially when it comes to Tatiana Maslany's facial expressions and looks as She-Hulk. Some people claim the CGI is "still distracting" even though VFX artists clearly did perfect CGI at least in some ways.

Jennifer's CGI looks especially bad when compared to Bruce's, some argue. However, other people immediately note that the show has plenty of other things to enjoy except the CGI – which, according to the defenders, is still pretty quick to get used to.

Despite the CGI looking like it is straight out of "a PS3 cinematic", fans praise the show for its humor, Maslany's performance, and the way comedy is balanced with action.

Still, it looks like one should not expect major improvements when it comes to visual effects. For some critics, the questionable level of CGI even seemed to undermine Maslany's acting. Others are already expressing concerns that some scenes with the main character were cut from the show because of their bad VFX.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' new episodes will arrive on Disney Plus every Thursday.