Is Doctor Doom Coming To The MCU?

Is Doctor Doom Coming To The MCU?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The legendary adversary of the Fantastic Four may be nearing his MCU debut, insiders suggest.

Victor von Doom, the tyrant of Latveria, appeared in the original Marvel Comics in the 1960s and quickly became one of the most tragic supervillains in comics history. His rivalry with Reed Richards provided vital ground for numerous battles, intriguing storylines and even major crossovers (yes, 'Secret Wars ', we're talking about you), and is certainly a great fit for the upcoming John Krasinski-led MCU movie. But the question remains, will Doctor Doom appear in the MCU as early as Phase 4?

According to recent hints from a major industry insider, something is definitely brewing at Marvel Studios. Daniel Richtman posted several images of Doctor Doom on Twitter, clearly hinting at an appearance of this character in the MCU.

Fans immediately wanted to know more, demanding immediate answers to their questions.

Others were not so sure of the whole deal, with Richtman neither confirming nor denying the theory, accusing the influencer of deception and leaving a safe place to deny everything if his scoop ended up being a fake.