Is 'Gotham Knights' TV Series Based on the Warner Bros. Game?

Is 'Gotham Knights' TV Series Based on the Warner Bros. Game?
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The first trailer for the upcoming show was released by The CW on Wednesday.

If you are not a longtime fan of DC or The CW, you might wonder whether the various takes on 'Gotham Knights ' are in any way connected.

The upcoming TV show will air on December 1 on The CW, inviting the viewers on a journey with Turner Hayes, Batman 's adopted son, who has to team up with the kids of his adoptive father's enemies after Bruce Wayne is found dead.

The Warner Bros. video game, in its turn, is going to revolve around a group of other characters, among whom are Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. Just like the characters of The CW show, they will also have to weather the storm of injustice brewing above Gotham City after Batman's death. At some point, they will find themselves at conflict with the villainous secret society named Court of Owls.

Still, the two products are not connected – aside from being a part of one comic universe. The game, developed by WB Games Montreal, is set to release in October 2022. The CW series, in its turn, will hit screens on December 1.

Another stark difference between the two eponymous products is reception – while the game is anticipated by fans with excitement and high hopes, The CW's show does not enjoy a similarly warm welcome. Following the release of the first trailer, people blasted 'Gotham Knights' for what appears to be a "cheap" approach to props, storyline and visual effects.