Is Halbrand Going to Be Sauron in 'The Rings of Power'?

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The identity of Sauron appears to be one of the hottest questions in the Lord of the Rings fandom… at least among those who are still planning to watch 'The Rings of Power'.

As the new trailer for 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' fuels the debates regarding Sauron's identity, it seems that a viral fan theory resurges in popularity once again. Many people are getting adamant in their belief that Halbrand, the show's original character and Galadriel's expected love interest… is in fact Sauron in disguise.

There are in fact several factors that might prove the fan theory true. First of all, Halbrand is an original character – so the showrunners might as well have introduced him exclusively as a disguise for the center villain. Secondly, we know that he is running away from his dark past, but we don't know any details about that past and why exactly it is dark. Sounds familiar?

Many fans agree that the entire set-up for Halbrand makes it rather predictable. After all, showrunners have already indicated that Sauron might end up being not who fans expect him to be – which could potentially mean anything.

"I was convinced from the start that he will be Sauron, in some Spanish soap opera reveal, because the show-runners said something like "he and Galadriel are hunting orc and searching for Sauron, who might be where you least expect him". That just sounds like a set up for a predictable plot twist." – /Veselker

Also, fans have noticed that the editing in one of the trailers pointed at the possibility of Halbrand being Sauron. After they first showed a mysterious dark figure, they immediately switched to Halbrand – something that fans believe might have been intentional.

However, Halbrand remains a mystery to fans – even if he turns out to be some kind of a villain, he might still not be Sauron. Some fans have even flirted with the idea of Halbrand becoming one of the Nazguls – Sauron's servants tormented by the power of the Elden ring.

We will know the truth as soon as 'The Rings of Power' arrive on Prime Video. The premiere is scheduled for September 2, 2022.

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