Is 'Herogasm' Really as Graphic & Disturbing as Marketed?

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If you are still afraid to what the episode… Well, that is understandable.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 6

Episode 6 of 'The Boys', titled 'Herogasm' and adapting the eponymous comic book mini-series, has been actively promoted as potentially the most disturbing and controversial thing to ever air on TV.

Really, though? After three seasons of unhinged gore, violence and sex 'The Boys' has already released, how bad 'Herogasm' in fact is? Turns out not that bad at all.

Don't get us wrong – those expecting a family-friendly episode jokingly marketed as something you wish you could un-see will be wrong. 'Herogasm' is still stuffed with you-know-what, from "love sausages" to straightforward nudity and blood.

However, after being fed with nerve-tickling teasers and hints, fans ruled that 'Herogasm' ended up as quite "tame". Yes, The Depp did in fact have sex with an octopus, and Soldier Boy did blow the orgy place up – but there was nothing that a hardcore 'The Boys' fan has never seen. After all, episode 1 kicked things off with Termite blowing up his lover from inside of his penis, and 'Herogasm' has definitely not delivered anything potentially worse than that.

Still, despite comics offering way more atrocities, fans believe that the TV show did everything it could to push the boundaries, while also not forgetting about pushing the story forward.

"Just finished watching #TheBoys s03e06 #Herogasm & man. I think this just might be the best episode the show has put up till now. The amount of depravity is slightly tame compared to The Boys comics, but even so, I think the show pushed it to the boundaries of what can be," – @CoolGuyJ1984.

In conclusion, it seems that the graphic and shocking nature of 'Herogasm' has indeed been overhyped, but it did not prevent fans from genuinely enjoying the episode. Which, if you think about it, is way better than being repulsed every second of screen time.

'Herogasm' premiered on Prime Video on Friday, with two episodes left to conclude the story of 'The Boys' season 3.

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