Is Homelander Really an Allusion to Donald Trump? Here's What Eric Kripke Says

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Let's address the elephant in the room.

'The Boys' has not been shying away from alluding to our real world, albeit through a prism of its own twisted superheroic reality. However, it's one thing to take a dig at Gal Gadot and her awkward 'Imagine' pandemic video. Directly referencing current affairs and politics is another thing – but it seems that the creative team behind 'The Boys' is perfectly fine with this one either.

Eric Kripke admitted to Vulture that 'The Boys' is "a lot of things, but subtle is not f**king one of them". It would seem that those spotting similarities between Homelander – one of the show's antagonists notorious for his narcissism and power hunger – and former US President Donald Trump were not entirely wrong.

Speaking about the bombshell scene in the season 3 finale, when Homelander takes his son Ryan to his supporters' rally only for the kid to witness his father blast someone's head off with a laser, Kripke has revealed what inspired the chilling moment.

"We absolutely talked about that infamous Trump quote — that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still love him. Well, let's see that. It's a hint of the very clear and present danger Ryan is in," Kripke told Vulture.

He went on to admit that this season of the show might have done the Trump allusions less elegantly than it would usually do, but added that "society is [also] a little less elegant and more urgent."

However, other aspects of political and social life also remain a target of Kripke's satire, as he admits that there are some "bulls**t diversity initiatives or tone-deaf heroes singing 'Imagine'".

With season 3 now over, the fourth chapter is coming soon, and, judging by Kripke's spirits, no one is safe from a good old allusion despite their political affiliation or media status.

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