Is Hulu's 'Prey' Really Racist?

Is Hulu's 'Prey' Really Racist?
Image credit: Hulu

Predator is finally back after the 2018's disaster, with the official trailer released for the new Dan Trachtenberg-directed film. Yet, one thing doesn't really sit well with the fans of the franchise.

Archnemesis of Alien and the most formidable hunter in the whole universe will appear before his fans in just a matter of months, thanks to the Hulu exclusive film directed by '10 Cloverfield Lane' helmer. The film will be set in the American wilderness 300 years ago and will tell the story of the Comanche Nation's first contact with the Predator. The trailer promises a great adventure filled with suspense and intense fights, but one thing has fans worried – the entire trailer came out in English, and Native Americans sound just like the average 21st century American. But is 'Prey' really racist?

In a discussion on Reddit fans were quick to brand the upcoming film as racist, pointing out how wrong it is to release the film in a format that definitely strips away much of the Comanche's heritage.

"The fact that all the natives are just speaking English with flat, American midwestern accents ... well, I guess I'm not sure what else I was expecting. Still feels weird. Not that they would have given us an action movie in the Comanche language." – /bostoncrabsandwich.

However, the whole situation was quickly resolved. One fan reported that Hulu intends to release two versions of the film, one in English and one in Comanche. This decision by the Hulu creative team really sounds incredible, allowing the viewers to experience the film in two wonderful ways.

"It says they shot in both English and in Comanche, so my guess is that there are two cuts of the film." – /GoldenJoel.

'Prey' will arrive on Hulu on August 5, 2022.