Is Kristen Bell Going to Be Nude in Frozen 3?

Is Kristen Bell Going to Be Nude in Frozen 3?
Image credit: globallookpress

Bet some of you did not even know that Kristen Bell was in Frozen. She was, and she voiced Anna, Elsa's sister.

With Frozen 3 officially in the works, it is time to remember this iconic interview for CinemaBlend that Kristen Bell and her Frozen sis, Idina Menzel, did in 2019. Shall we?

When discussing how they watch the movie's previews, Kristen shares that the characters are "nude" and "bald." Idina compares their looks to "Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City ".

Is that one of the episodes from the spin-off where older Carrie goes bald or something? We do not recall any, but there is a mental image we will never forget…

The animators seem to be having quite a little bit of fun with the actors. For instance, during one of the screenings, the animators jokingly added a swiveling hand that single-handedly disrupted the intimate scene between the two sisters.

At least, we know that they are hands-on with their work…

Kristen also remembers another screening when the animators had her character "not make it" when Anna was doing a cliff jump. Well, now we know why it took them six years to release Frozen 2! Must have been all that messing around.

While we may not expect Bell in her birthday suit in Frozen 3, when can we expect the movie itself? Will we have to wait another six years? Possibly, but nothing is confirmed yet, although both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel love to tease their fans!

In June 2022, Bell made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she announced "with zero authority" Frozen 3. Not cool, Kristen!

In the same month, on the same show the rumors heated up when Menzel added, "I can unofficially claim with no backing that there will be a Frozen 4 and 5. The trilogy and then the quadrupoly, or whatever it's called." We have no reason not to believe her, right?

It was not until February 2023 that Bob Iger, Disney 's CEO, confirmed that the threequel was in development. Hooray! Was it really that hard to tell us sooner?

While we wait for Frozen 3 (and potentially Frozen 4 and Frozen 5), let's just hope they are still kid-friendly, and the early screenings don't turn into what we see in movie theaters!