Is MCU Disney+ 'Werewolf By Night' Special Still Happening?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Although multiple sources claim that 'Werewolf by Night' will appear on Disney+ this fall, there is still no official confirmation from Marvel. What's going on?

Rumor has it that production of the half-hour special is already wrapping up, although it started just a few weeks ago. And it's no wonder – given special's slim running time, the principal photography should not have taken much time.

According to previous news reports, Gael Garcia Bernal ('Old', 'Mozart in the Jungle') has been cast as the title werewolf, and the approximate release date for the special is Halloween 2022. Other than that, no details have been revealed. It looks like Marvel is preparing a big juicy surprise for MCU fans, trying to keep the project under wraps for as long as possible.

Werewolf by Night first appeared in the comics in 1972 and is one of Marvel's supernatural characters rarely seen in the movies, with the recent exceptions of Moon Knight and Doctor Strange.

The fact that 'Werewolf by Night' is a special shouldn't bother fans – obviously it was a big creative risk for Feige and company to introduce an actually supernatural character, so their decision to give him just 30 minutes of spotlight is understandable.

Fans are trying to understand why Marvel is keeping silence about making this special.

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