Is 'The Boys' All About Toxic Masculinity Now? Eric Kripke Weighs In

Is 'The Boys' All About Toxic Masculinity Now? Eric Kripke Weighs In
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Sometimes, the showrunner himself has to comment on fandom discourse.

So, there is a thing about how Starlight reacts on different people taking in Compound V in 'The Boys ', with some fans claiming that she has double standards. When Annie learned that Butcher and Hughie are using temporary V, she was extremely critical of the idea, but seemed to be perfectly fine with Kimiko recharging herself with Compound V to get her healing powers back.

While some people argue that it makes Starlight a hypocrite, showrunner Eric Kripke begs to differ. He took to Twitter to weigh in on the heated debates and explained his view of the situation.

"Because Hughie's craving was selfish, to make himself feel macho & save a woman who doesn't want saving. Kimiko's is a selfless sacrifice that's a burden to her, to protect a man who welcomes the protection. Big difference," Kripke wrote, responding to one of the fans asking him why Starlight treats Hughie and Kimiko differently when it comes to Compound use.

But it's not like everyone went "oh, okay, cool" with his explanation. Fans were quick to argue that Hughie's motivations were far from selfish.

"Make himself feel macho?" Really? You traumatize him by making him watch his girlfriend die while he can't do anything about it. Then give him the ability TO do something to protect his new girlfriend, and then demonize him for wanting to protect her?" – @GyakutennoMeg.

It's not like Hughie fans are willing to agree with Kripke's claims of toxic masculinity, arguing that the character is in fact seeking common decency.

"In fact, in several dialogues, Hughie makes it clear that he wants to be self-sufficient and not be saved by anyone. Is it fair for a woman to save a man who wants to save himself but not the other way around?" – @TrajeCon.

However, a lot of fans actually side with Kripke on this one.

"Hughie never was weak. He killed translucent, blackmailed Ezekiel, saved the boys, leaked v to the public, saved Annie from Vought tower before ever touching V24. He's only taking it now to satisfy his own insecurities after the Victoria reveal and projecting that onto Starlight." – @RantsMono.

This is a rare occasion of the writer himself weighing in on the online debate between fans over something that is going on in the show. There are plenty of controversial and question-inducing things on 'The Boys' to discuss, but you don't get a heads-up from the creators every day, do you?

The eighth and final episode of 'The Boys' arrives on Prime Video this Friday.