Is There Really a 'Harry Potter' Hommage in 'Herogasm'?

Is There Really a 'Harry Potter' Hommage in 'Herogasm'?
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Would one even expect a Harry Potter reference in an episode focused on a superhero orgy?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys ' episode 3

What could possibly make 'Herogasm' better than a good old Harry Potter reference? Because there certainly is one, according to fans who have already watched the episode.

At some point in 'Herogasm', Homelander faces off with Soldier Boy, Hughie and the Butcher, with the latter two enjoying their newly-received superpowers. The Butcher, for his part, is now way more similar to Homelander than he might have wanted to be: both of them are now able to shoot lasers from their eyes, with Homelander's rays being red, and the Butcher's shooting yellow.

In the middle of the heated fight, the two shoot at each other at the same time, with their laser rays clashing in the middle, turning the scene into a beautiful stand-off… that some of us have definitely already seen somewhere.

Oh yeah, the famous "priori incantatem" thing from the Harry Potter saga. Although in 'The Boys', the red ray is definitely not the Expelliarmus spell. Still, the Hogwarts fans could not help but parallel the scene in 'Herogasm' with the epic duels between Harry and Voldemort when the villain's Avada Kedavra would crash into Harry's disarming spell.

Although some people deemed it way too predictable.

"*seconds before homelander and butcher did that Harry Potter-Voldemort thing* my roommate: "god I really hope they don't do that Harry Potter-Voldemort thing" – @rachelhorowitzb.

Funnily enough, some fans have predicted that some sort of a Harry Potter moment might occur between Homelander and the Butcher months before 'Herogasm' premiered.

"idk i just imagine butcher and homelander in a fight similar to harry potter vs voldemort using their eyes instead of wands," wrote a fan nicknamed @deanswft on Twitter back in March.

There are two episodes left until season 3 of 'The Boys' wraps up, with the finale scheduled for July 8.