Is Tom Hiddleston 'Doing an Andrew Garfield' on Loki's Possible Cameo in Thor And Doctor Strange Sequels?

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It looks like the act of pretending to have no idea about being involved in an MCU project has been named in honor of a certain someone.

Tom Hiddleston has assured the MCU fans that he is being kept in the dark regarding Loki's possible cameo in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'.

Speaking to Total Film, the actor said he is "living in a question mark".

Yeah, we all know a particular Spider-Man actor who was also living in a question mark. But Hiddleston vehemently denies trying to be sneaky.

"It's all unknown. You know, I used to think that I could predict these things, but I literally have no idea. And I'm not even doing an Andrew Garfield! I just don't know," he assured.

Many fans were skeptical about his response, because how can an actor be unaware of being a part of a movie, if he's in it?

But it seems there is a way.

Still, people are not convinced.

Well, after all, it's the biggest trickster of the Marvel universe we're talking about. So even if Hiddleston was Andrew Garfield-ing, he would definitely deny it, wouldn't he?

'Multiverse of Madness' premieres on May 6, and 'Thor: Love and Thunder' follows on July 8, so we'll find out about Loki's cameo soon enough.

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