J-Hope Makes History as First South Korean Artist to Headline Lollapalooza

J-Hope Makes History as First South Korean Artist to Headline Lollapalooza
Image credit: Legion-Media

The BTS alum has certainly marked a milestone for the Chicago music festival.

Singer J-Hope has nailed his historical headlining appearance at Lollapalooza, effectively becoming the first South Korean artist to spearhead the festival.

Despite not being accompanied by his bandmates, J-Hope's set was staffed with nods to BTS, and he was also joined by Becky G at some point when the two delivered an explosive performance for 'Chicken Noodle Soup'.

J-Hope's set has drawn almost 15 million viewers to Weverse during the festival's live. Speaking with Rolling Stone before the performance, the singer revealed that the preparation for the show felt "lonely" without his bandmates, but it was still "very fun" and "very new".

Fans praised J-Hope's dedication to BTS and refusal to take all the credit.

"The fact that Hobi carried BTS with him throughout his setlist. He could've kept himself as independent from BTS as much as possible, but instead he referred to his fans as "armys," introduced himself as J-Hope from BTS, performed his Cypher verse and Dynamite remix… Yeah i could cry." – @thejoonmoon

Lollapalooza was historical for J-Hope himself also, because it was the first time when he performed 'More' and 'Arson' live.

"They are also songs that have styles that I haven't performed before. I practiced a lot because they are kind of difficult songs to do live," J-Hope told Rolling Stone.

Moreover, J-Hope has become Lollapalooza's highest ticket-selling artist in history: a fan tweeted that they spoke to the festival's organizers who told them the BTS alum sold more tickets than any other headliner in 31 years.

Recently, J-Hope released his first solo album, 'Jack in the Box', shortly after BTS announced that its members will explore solo careers. The announcement has caused waves in the "army", but the band quickly clarified it was not breaking up.