Jack Black Down For a 20-Year-Old Hit Sequel, But Not All Fans Are Happy

Jack Black Down For a 20-Year-Old Hit Sequel, But Not All Fans Are Happy
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The actor may be busy promoting Kung Fu Panda 4, but he wouldn’t mind bringing rock’n’roll back.


  • School of Rock’s actor Jack Black admits he wouldn’t mind reprising his most famous role in a sequel if one happens to be released.
  • Not all the fans are excited about such a turn of events with some of them fearing that the sequel may destroy the original film’s originality.
  • So far there are no serious talks about a second film as the original writer, Mike White, is currently absorbed by the success of his show White Lotus.

Jack Black, as he confirms himself, is far from being a sequel guy — but he would never say never to return to being music school teacher Dewey Finn. As many fans have been literally begging Black to reprise his probably most prominent role in the film that was released more than 20 years ago, the actor says he’s still down for a School of Rock sequel.

The plot of the film follows Dewey who, after a big failure with his own rock band, suddenly finds himself as an elementary private school teacher. Already there it dawns on him that even being in a situation like this he can still make his dream come true — and commences to turn his class into a real rock band.

And even if Jack Black is ready for another film any time, it’s not that simple with the School of Rock’s creators as the writer, Mike White, must be very busy right now with his star-packed and award-winning show White Lotus.

Though so far there’s not a single sign that the sequel is going to happen, fans of the film are already taking up heated discussions.

On Reddit, for example, people have been divided into separate camps — some are cheering Jack Black’s concealed offer for the sequel saying it’s the best news they’ve heard recently, while others are definitely not that happy.

One of the users suggests it’s better to “just leave it” and let the film be, another one fears that a potential sequel may spoil the original movie’s authenticity and atmosphere. Finally, someone foresees for the future sequel the same fate as for The Jurassic Park where “the magic was captured so perfectly the first time”.

What is clear for now is that we’re not getting a School of Rock’s sequel anytime soon as Jack Black’s wishes for yet another movie are not supported by any existing script. Only time will tell if the actor’s desire will be heard in the cinematic universe.

Source: Reddit