Jaden Smith Says He Had Too 'Adult' Interests As a Kid, And That's Not What You Think

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Don't we all just enjoy it when someone from Smith family is trending on Twitter?

It looks like Jaden Smith has always felt a bit out of place when hanging out with his peers. According to what Jaden himself revealed during his chat with BigBoyTV, he "was picking up more things from adults" that he was from kids his own age.

"I hang out sometimes with other people that are my age and they're just kinda… [blabbers gibberish] and I'm just like 'Dude, like, can we talk about, like, political and economic state of the world right now?'" Jaden recalled.

It's not like people on Twitter felt this was relatable. If you ask them, Jaden was just being kinda snobby. And you know what Twitter does to snobby people – it turns them into memes.

Yes, Twitter has thought through literally any situation that could have taken place during Jaden Smith's childhood.

Someone felt sorry for Jaden, thinking that he missed out on his childhood while busy thinking about the political and economic state of the world.

In fact, the issues that trouble Jaden can work as a perfect excuse for not discussing anything with your peers that is not about the political and economic state of the world.

You know what? We do seem to be spending way too much time talking about Jaden Smith instead of real issues.

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