James Bond Now Has An Actual Grave

James Bond Now Has An Actual Grave
Image credit: Legion-Media

‘No Time To Die’ has marked the last movie for agent 007 portrayed by Daniel Craig.

Yes, the death of James Bond in ‘No Time To Die’ was undoubtedly tragic, but does the fictional character actually need a real-life grave?

That’s already a rhetorical question, because there is a grave - erected in Faroe Islands, it reads “In Memory of James Bond. 1962 - 2021. The Proper Function of Man Is to Live, Not to Exist.”

The memorial is located right where Daniel Graig shot the shocking ‘No Time To Die’ finale.

Spoiler alert… we guess.

Someone is already planning a trip to Faroe Islands.

And others have some fantastic ideas for a vacation.

Globally, ‘No Time To Die’ grossed more than $770 million and secured three Oscar nominations: for best sound, original song and visual effects. One could also say that the final Daniel Craig Bond movie… killed it.