Jamie Campbell Bower Up For Becoming New DCU Villain

Jamie Campbell Bower Up For Becoming New DCU Villain
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's see how the casting goes.

James Gunn joining to lead DCU has sparked lots of rumors and discussions about what the future holds for the universe in general, and some fan-favorite characters specifically. As of now, there are little to no answers to many questions the audience has but a few promising projects were already announced to the public.

Both James Gunn and Peter Safran, co-CEOs of DC Studios, recently presented the first chapter of the new DCU, consisting of 5 movies and 5 TV series. Among other projects, Gods and Monsters would include the Batman- centric film The Brave and The Bold. No one knows exactly how it will turn out but that's undoubted that DC would need to cast some villains for the heroes to fight.

This big shift for DCU was one of the huge points of interest discussed at the Comfest 2023 convention, which took place in Kuwait.

Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrayed Vecna on Stranger Things, was invited as a guest star, alongside Elizabeth Olsen. Both celebrities took part in general Q&A sessions, photo and signing sessions, and spent time with their fans.

Of course, local press and reporters got their chance to interview the actors as well. When asked about the next role he'd love to take on, Jamie Campbell Bower admits to thinking of the DCU as well, and mentions Scarecrow, as there is a lot of chatter around it.

The actor is known for portraying the 'bad guy' type of character, the most recent one being Vecna in Stranger Things, so there is no surprise he's looking forward to playing another villain.

"Very spooky, that would be great!" Bower responded excitedly to the Geek House Show reporter.

He also explains exactly how they were able to create such a strong and truly terrifying presence for Vecna. The transformation took Jamie over a few months, starting from physical appearance to the little details like voice and pronunciation. The real goal was to make it feel like this "deep, booming voice kind of comes out of the darkness," and only then it felt right.