Jason Statham and Keanu Reeves Rumored To Join The MCU

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It feels like Kevin Feige is willing to spend big money to attract the most successful actors of our time to his franchise, and the latest batch of newcomers will definitely leave fans satisfied.

The appearance of famous actors in the MCU is no longer a surprise: people like Harry Styles and Charlize Theron have confirmed their participation in future Marvel films. But even with that in mind, some names are still bound to raise fans' brows, which is what happened to millions of Marvel fans when they read the latest scoop from Deux Moix, published and actively discussed on Reddit. According to this information, two action stars Jason Statham and Keanu Reeves are in early talks to join the MCU in the near future, and fans are already coming up with crazy characters these two could play.

In the case of Jason Statham, given the actor's British pedigree and muscular appearance, the only reasonable option is Union Jack, the British version of Captain America. Although this character is not well known, the MCU already has a lot of experience casting famous actors to play little-known characters (Eros, anyone?). Rumors about Statham being casted as Union Jack have been going around for a while now – maybe this time it would finally end up being true.

Keanu Reeves is more curious, as this iconic actor is quite versatile, but still distinctive in terms of casting choices. Some hope that Feige will bring to life one favorite fancast, the Silver Surfer, with others arguing that Reeves' role could be even more interesting. "How about this twist: he plays both The Silver Surfer and Galactus?" one of the Redditors offered.

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