Jeff Davis Once Again Stirs Drama in Teen Wolf Fandom, Breaks Up Iconic Pairing

Jeff Davis Once Again Stirs Drama in Teen Wolf Fandom, Breaks Up Iconic Pairing
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If you were a shipper, it looks like the movie is out to ruin it for you.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Sorry, Teen Wolf fandom, but Jeff Davis has done it again. Since he couldn't have Stiles Stilinski in the Teen Wolf movie, he apparently decided to pull the plug on everything fans love, and that includes Stiles' love story with Lydia.

Yes, it's official: in the movie, the two are broken up, and for the most mind-blowing reason anyone could think of.

According to the movie, it was Lydia who broke up with Stiles because of a recurring dream she had about a car accident in which Stiles dies. After having the dream many times, Lydia thought it might be a premonition, and to protect Stiles from a car accident (and to make sure she didn't have to scream his name as a Banshee), she left him.

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And there is absolutely no way that Stydia fans can come to terms with this creative decision by Davis. According to them, it's impossible that Stiles would just let Lydia break up with him to protect him after spending so much time fighting for his love.

"Lydia broke up with him? [Yeah] right. This girl remembered him when no one else did. And Stiles would NEVER break up with Lydia. He had a 10 year plan and broke her out of mental institution where she was being tortured," Twitter user creaturesfears said, adding that Jeff Davis "knows nothing" about the couple.

Fans remain confident that Stiles would have found a way around Lydia's fears.

"In my eyes Stiles would never leave Lydia even if she was scared he'd [die] in a car accident, like he'd probably just stop driving," Twitter user newtmasbrainrot said.

No matter what they just saw in the movie, Stydia shippers are adamant that in a perfect universe, their favorite couple is married with several children and not broken up because of a dream. It looks like Davis is going to get a lot of online backlash for his decision to ruin the iconic pairing.

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