John Cena's Role in Barbie is Confirmed, And Fans Are Losing It

John Cena's Role in Barbie is Confirmed, And Fans Are Losing It
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The Barbie movie has an ace up its sleeve with John Cena's role.

Exciting news for all you Barbie fans out there. As we're getting closer to the release of Barbie, a new piece of information has come to light that is sure to get you even more hyped for Greta Gerwig's upcoming movie.

As you might know, John Cena has a lot on his plate.

He's all set to feature in Fast X, the last installment of the Fast & Furious Saga, alongside his recent appearance in the Peacemaker series.

Cena is also preparing to star in a new action-comedy with Jason Momoa and an Amazon movie with Simu Liu and Awkwafina.

It's clear that the multi-talented actor is keeping himself busy with several exciting projects in the works.

And now, apparently, IGN has reported that a preview of Barbie was shown at CinemaCon and it featured none other than a mermaid John Cena. You heard that right!

Cena, who was previously announced as the love interest of Dua Lipa's character, who we later found out was a mermaid, has now been confirmed to be playing a merman himself.

This gets interesting and we can't wait to see what other surprises are in store for us in this highly anticipated film.

According to newly-released footage, Barbie seems to love hosting dance parties and having fun at her place.

However, due to some bizarre occurrences in their plastic universe, Barbie and Ken find themselves embroiled in a series of mishaps in the real world.

The footage further reveals that the duo gets arrested, sings along to the Indigo Girls' Closer to Fine, and encounters John Cena in a mermaid's outfit.

During CinemaCon, Margot Robbie also shared her experience of playing the lead role in Barbie and serving as a producer.

She expressed her excitement at being given such a remarkable and rare opportunity, stating that everyone knows Barbie, yet she has never been seen on the big screen before.

We can't wait to see this movie with all of the great actors who participate in the movie playing these hilarious characters.

Barbie is scheduled to be released in the United States on July 21, 2023.

Sources: IGN