Johnny Depp Breaks The Silence About Hollywood's 'Boycott' Of Him

Johnny Depp Breaks The Silence About Hollywood's 'Boycott' Of Him
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But the actor's point of view doesn't match the fans'.

Johnny Depp 's long-running controversy with his now ex-wife Amber Heard, which resulted in an intense legal battle, has had a significant impact on his career.

The actor lost role in the sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, where he had starred since the first film, and was recast in the third Fantastic Beasts film, where he played the main antagonist Gellert Grindelwald.

And now he has shared his thoughts on the whole situation.

During the recent Cannes press conference for Jeanne du Barry, in which he appears in a major role for the first time in three years, Depp gave an interview in which he said that he definitely felt the fallout of the controversy, as "you'd have to not have a pulse" not to feel it.

At the time, when the actor was forced to step away from his established roles, he definitely felt boycotted, but now the situation has changed.

Depp no longer feels that way, as in his own words he "doesn't think about Hollywood" and has moved on from the scandal.

Depp also recently signed the biggest men's fragrance deal of all time with Dior, a three-year deal worth over $20 million, which has undoubtedly helped him recover from the lawsuits and will most likely mark the resurgence of his career, along with the role of King Louis XV in the aforementioned Jeanne du Barry.

However, fans have given the revelation a mixed reception, with many claiming that Depp was never boycotted by Hollywood in the first place, as losing two roles is not a full-fledged boycott.

They say that the actor may have been too impressed by the social media buzz, as he continues to get work.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is safe to say that Depp's career took at least some damage and now seems to be slowly getting back on track.

Jeanne du Barry premiered on May 16, 2023 and follows the biography of Madame du Barry, who became the favorite of King Louis XV.

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