'Joker 2' Being A Musical Is A Fine Idea, But Reddit Still Has Something To Say

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Following recent reports that Lady Gaga is circling the role of Harley Queen in the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix-led movie, some insiders have reported that the project is being developed as a musical of sorts.

After the 2019 'Joker' became a worldwide hit with critics and audiences alike, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see more of Arthur Fleck's antics, expecting something special from the recently announced sequel. And it will indeed be something – 'Joker 2' will be a musical, with Lady Gaga joining Phoenix as Arthur Fleck's love interest. Of course, the scoop was shared by some prominent insiders, and there is no official confirmation from Warner Bros. or Phillips, but the amount of information definitely proves that the rumor is based on reality.

Fans on Reddit took the news with great concern, fearing that Phillips had decided to turn 'Joker' into a profitable commercial property rather than a new original film. But some rightly pointed out that Phoenix's involvement in the film should convince everyone that 'Joker 2' will be as good as the first film.

"If it's a musical and Joaquin actually likes the script enough to come back, it'll probably be insane and be an awards darling," – /DarthTaz_99.

Others also note that Phoenix would make a great lead in a musical, given his natural charisma and long history of singing on screen.

"People forget this, but Phoenix can actually sing! He played Johnny Cash in Walk The Line, even earned an Oscar nomination for that performance. It’s just that he hasn’t really exploited that talent since then, unless you count the bizarre rapping subplot in I’m Still Here." – /RedHeadedSicilian48.

But despite these encouraging remarks from redditors, there is still one serious concern about 'Joker 2' – how Phoenix and Lady Gaga will look in it together as a unit, rather than as a pair of talented individuals.

"The chemistry between Gaga and Phoenix has to be off the charts for this movie to even work. Also I don’t think the whole movie will be a musical just bits and parts. The musical parts will probably be the shared delusions they share together." – /TheBlackSwarm.

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