Joker Sequel Will Ruin Everything Good The First Movie Had

Joker Sequel Will Ruin Everything Good The First Movie Had
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Is the Joker musical what we deserve?

As the first promotional materials for Todd Phillips' Joker sequel, Folie á Deux, begin to arrive, fans are becoming increasingly skeptical of the film.

Folie á Deux, which translates to "madness of two," is the title of the upcoming sequel to the popular and controversial film Joker, which starred Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character. The arrival of the promotional materials has sparked debate among fans, with some expressing excitement for the sequel, while others are expressing doubt and skepticism about the direction the film will take.

While some are tentatively excited about having a musical sequel to the story of Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck, others believe that the first movie was sufficient enough on its own.

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Skeptics argue that the second movie is going to "ruin" Phoenix's Joker because the only reason it is even in the works is the tremendous commercial success of the original movie.

"I said it with the last of us that that also didn't need a sequel and felt that it ruined the open ended ending of the first game. This will be the same," Twitter user TeamKiller8 said.

Others are having a hard time figuring out what is there to tell for Phoenix's Joker that hasn't been told in the first movie.

However, if you belong to the pessimist camp, there might be a different way for you to look at things.

"Never understood the mentality of letting a new film ruin an older one for you. You can easily just watch the old one without thinking of the new ones. I'm sure this movie will be fine anyways, but why would it ruin the first one when they aren't touching the first one?" Twitter user xpertfusion3 wondered.

The sequel, titled Folie á Deux, is set to premiere in theaters on October 4, 2024, and only time will tell whether it ends up being a comedy, a tragedy, or just as successful as the original movie was.