Jon Hamm Is Really Into Portraying This Iconic X-Men Villain in the MCU

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Should we expect the 'Mad Men' star in the MCU at some point?

The 'Mad Men' star still wouldn't mind playing Mr. Sinister, even after being almost officially cast as the villain in Josh Boone's 'New Mutants'. Unfortunately for Hamm fans, the post-credits scene featuring Mr. Sinister eventually ended up on the cutting room floor.

Mr. Sinister was first introduced way back in 1987, and the evil scientist, obsessed with creating perfect mutant race, quickly became a fan favorite. The character became one of the biggest adversaries of the X-Men and has faced them in a fight on numerous occasions. While the 20

Now that the MCU is preparing an X-Men reboot, the long-awaited appearance of Mr. Sinister in a live-action movie seems quite plausible. And who better to play him than Jon Hamm?

Speaking with Comicbook, Hamm confirmed his willingness to play the character, talking about his love for X-Men since his childhood in the 1980s.

"I was a big fan of just reading the comic books when I was a kid, the X-Men of the '80s. And it remains. I remain a fan. It's an interesting, very cool story, for want of a better word. I've talked to people that plan these kind of things — with how they are expanding these stories, and the wit and the creativity with which they are presenting these stories, really gets back to the old way that comics were presented. The way that they lean into that creativity is something that, for sure, I'd be happy to be a part of," Hamm said.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the actor to take on the role of the legendary supervillain, urging Marvel to hire him as soon as possible.

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