Joseph Quinn & Jamie Campbell Bower Bromance Has Fans Going Crazy

Joseph Quinn & Jamie Campbell Bower Bromance Has Fans Going Crazy
Image credit: Legion-Media

Recent weeks have been very eventful for those who love two certain 'Stranger Things' cast members.

Joseph Quinn ( Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things ') and Jamie Campbell Bower ( Vecna) has quickly become a bromance that conquered the hearts of those who never even watched the show in the first place.

In recent weeks, the two have been frequently seen with each other at fan conventions and interviews. While Quinn rides the wave of sudden fame as his breakout performance rendered him the biggest fan favorite, Jamie Campbell Bower is no stranger to fan love. Even though the two are rivals in the show, real life seems to prove that the actors are quite fond of each other.

Quinn and Bower are often seen hugging, laughing together or just sharing awkward or hilarious moments. And fans simply cannot get enough of them. "Every time Jamie Campbell Bower and Joseph Quinn meet each other, they’re like two happy, excited puppies. I love them so much! They make my heart so happy," Twitter user BowerxDepp admitted.

The moment when Bower just cannot keep his hands to himself and rants about Quinn's Spotify account in one of the interviews appears to live in fans' heads rent-free.

Or their reunion at Toronto Fan Expo convention earlier in August? The two appeared to have been hugging for solid ten seconds on stage — to the great pleasure of fans. The hug was filmed from a lot of angles and Reddit even dubbed it "a hug that healed the world".

And the iconic video of Quinn and Bower singing and dancing to Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'? Something just never gets old.

While we are yet to see more of Bower's character in season 5 of 'Stranger Things', the return of Quinn's Eddie Munson remains highly unlikely, even though fans have been rallying for the Duffer brothers to reverse his death somehow and bring the actor back.

However, now that Quinn has faced such popularity, the showrunners might as well change their minds. The writing for season 5 is officially underway, even though the premiere date remains to be scheduled.