Joseph Quinn Might Have Just Spoiled Eddie's Return in Stranger Things

Joseph Quinn Might Have Just Spoiled Eddie's Return in Stranger Things
Image credit: Netflix

Uh-oh, did someone spill the beans?

If Eddie Munson is officially dead on Stranger Things, then how do you explain Joseph Quinn himself dropping a hint that he might be involved in the shooting of season 5?

As Quinn appeared on Tokyo Comic Con 2022 alongside Jamie Campbell Bower, one fan asked about the upcoming final season of Stranger Things. The Eddie Munson actor responded with his own question but it had plenty of answers in it.

"When do we start shooting?" he wondered before Campbell Bower quickly started talking about how they don't know what's going to happen in season 5 because of everything being kept under wraps.

However, the sneaky "we" in Quinn's innocent question might have been a spoiler for Eddie returning in season 5 somehow. At least that's what fans want to believe now, and let's be honest, that was a pretty solid hint from Quinn to get fans' hopes up.

Since Eddie's death in the season 4 finale, fans have been speculating about how he can come back as a vampire named Kas and help defeat Vecna. Other fan theories suggest that he simply did not die in the Upside Down when fighting demobats, as we never actually saw his body.

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Quinn himself, like the Duffer brothers, has been insisting that Eddie is officially dead, but the most dedicated Munson fans simply refuse to believe it. In order to find out who was right all along, we all will have to wait until Stranger Things 5 releases.

Netflix is yet to announce the premiere date for the fifth and final season. We do know that the first episode is titled The Crawl, and that the writing for the season is underway, but the shooting has not started yet.