Joseph Quinn's Casting Totally Sold Unnecessary Quiet Place Spinoff to Stranger Things Fans

Joseph Quinn's Casting Totally Sold Unnecessary Quiet Place Spinoff to Stranger Things Fans
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Internet Boyfriend Joseph Quinn lands a big role in the Quiet Place franchise, fans are in anticipation.

After Joseph Quinn played Eddie Munson in the record-breaking Season 4 of Stranger Things, fans fell in love with him and his career took off.

With viewers unlikely to see the actor in Stranger Things Season 5, fans are hoping to see more of Joseph Quinn in other projects.

Undoubtedly, the next appearance of the popular actor will be closely watched by his legion of fans. It looks like Paramount are happy to capitalise on this fame. Joseph Quinn has been announced as the lead in A Quiet Place: Day One, the spin-off of A Quiet Place created by John Krasinski.

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A Quiet Place is a post-apocalyptic horror story about a family trying to survive after violent alien creatures take over the Earth and kill most of the population. The monsters can't see, but they have very acute hearing, which they use to hunt down and kill the remaining humans.

The only way to survive in this world is to be as silent as possible. The first film in the franchise was so successful and well received by audiences that Paramount Pictures and John Krasinski developed a sequel and are currently working on part 3.

There isn't much information about A Quiet Place: Day One. In addition to Joseph Quinn, the cast of the spin-off included another fan favorite, Lupita Nyong'o.

John Krasinski is overseeing the project and the director is Michael Sarnoski, who recently made headlines with his film Pig, starring Nicolas Cage. Day One is scheduled for release on 8 March 2024.

The plot of the film is still unknown, but according to the title, it will be a prequel showing the first days of the alien invasion, when the most terrible things happened. Some viewers feel that such a prequel is unnecessary as they've already seen the first day in A Quiet Place Part II and got the gist.

But others point out that it was only the first 5 minutes of the film and they would like to see more stories of how the people in their own separate pockets of civilisation dealt with it.

In any case, the casting of Quinn made people much more interested in the upcoming spinoff. As one commenter wrote on Reddit, "Now I'd at least reluctantly watch it if only to see how this guy does in it. His character in Stranger Things actually kinda grew on me."