Joseph Quinn's Private Dating Profile Exposed? Here's What Happened

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There are certain downsides to being a big breakout 'Stranger Things' star.

It seems that Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson from 'Stranger Things') has to deal with the after-effects of his sudden popularity once again as the fandom discusses what appears to be a leak of his private Raya dating profile.

Over the past few days, someone has posted a TikTok (which we are not going to share) allegedly depicting Quinn's profile on Raya – a dating app that is based on an invitation-only system. The profile appears to feature some never-before-seen photos of the 'Stranger Things' actor, which led many fans to believe that it might not be a fake.

While many people were more than happy to delve into the leaked Joseph Quinn content, others immediately rose up to defend his right to privacy and call out the TikTok user who decided to leak his profile.

"I will never understand why some fans think it's okay to do this. Celebrities deserve their privacy and it should be respected by everyone, this person just crossed a line by doing this." – @laurenwelten

One fan compared the experience of Quinn, who joined the cast on season 4, to that of the other 'Stranger Things' actors who had to deal with similar repercussions after rising to fame thanks to the show.

"This is exactly why everyone else on the cast dumped most if not all their social media apps. I'm assuming that Joseph maybe wasn't quite ready for the voracious nature of rabid fans. The others Millie especially had time to learn, he got a crash course unfortunately." – @DrDark69233747

Many 'Stranger Things' fans are now feeling ashamed to be a part of the fandom that seems to care so little about the actors' well-being. The fandom has already been blasted as "toxic" and "sick".

Even though it is unclear whether the TikTok in question indeed exposed the actual dating profile belonging to Queen or a fake one, people are still decrying the leak as an act of stalking and calling for the one responsible for it to be banned on the social media platform.

Raya is arguably one of the most private dating apps in existence. Not widely advertised, it requires an invitation from another member for someone new to join. If someone screenshots another person's profile, a warning pops up saying that the user will be banned on the app should the image or the video emerge somewhere online.

Joseph Quinn himself has not commented on the Raya allegations.

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