Just How Big is 'The Umbrella Academy' Budget?

Just How Big is 'The Umbrella Academy' Budget?
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Netflix, spill your secrets.

'The Umbrella Academy ' budget has largely been a mystery, with Netflix sticking to being typically tight-lipped about the costs of its shows. However, some details are known about how much the show costs.

Particularly, we know that season 3 marked a pay rise for 'The Umbrella Academy' actors, with Variety reporting back in 2021 that the main cast of the show negotiated a rise to as much as $200,000 per episode.

However, it seems that the show's overall budget has tanked. At least that's what fans suspect after spotting several scenes where the CGI could definitely be better. If the decrease in budget indeed happened, there are several potential reasons for that.

"I'll be honest, this season gave me big CW vibes due to the budget. Like the CW shows, most of this season took place in two locations– the hotel and the Sparrow house. Any outdoor scenes were in empty fields with no civilians (due to Covid probably)." – /NoNefariousness2144.

First of all, the coronavirus pandemic could not have left the show unaffected, as it was filming in the middle of it. This might have impacted the show's modest choice of locations: most of season 3 takes place in Hotel Obsidian, with the characters rarely leaving the mysterious walls of the hotel.

Then, there is an elephant in the room: pretty much everyone knows that Netflix has poured a lot of money into 'Stranger Things ', one of its biggest global hits. With the horror show enjoying around $30 million per episode, many fans believe that 'Stranger Things' has largely drawn off the money that could otherwise be poured into 'The Umbrella Academy'.

"I think it was due to stranger things having a budget for 30 million every episode Netflix is losing money and they just spent a ton of money on stranger things so I assume that's why," – /Obama-8.

However, many fans also suggest that a big part of 'The Umbrella Academy' budget went on licensing the music, and not on the CGI.

Back at the time of the season 2 premiere, showrunner Steven Blackman said that the show used its budget "more effectively" compared to season 1, despite the increase it secured after the first season's success.

Still, the official budget of 'The Umbrella Academy' remains unknown, leaving fans in guesses. The future of the show is also a mystery, with Netflix remaining mum on whether 'The Umbrella Academy' gets another season.