Kaley Cuoco Had The Best Reaction to Big Bang Theory Getting Trashed

Kaley Cuoco Had The Best Reaction to Big Bang Theory Getting Trashed
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CBS star reacts to Ms. Pat's emotional rant about The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory started in 2007 and was running for 12 seasons and 279 episodes, winning multiple awards, ranking top two and – eventually – one in terms of ratings, and garnering a massive fanbase.

However, the show was also often criticized by critics and viewers who didn't like its "offensive" brand of humor. Thus, The Big Bang Theory can be called a unique sitcom. It is extremely successful and popular and widely hated at the same time.

With all the hate and criticism coming their way for years, one would think that the stars of the CBS sitcom are used to reacting to The Big Bang Theory getting trashed. But Kaley Cuoco showed that one could never truly be ready to look critics in the face.

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A fragment of a comedy show published by Netflix on Twitter featured Cuoco discussing The Big Bang Theory with Joel McHale and Ms. Pat. While McHale, known for his role in the NBC sitcom Community, seemed to treat the show with respect mentioning its insane ratings, Ms. Pat didn't share the sentiment. It turned out the comedian hated the CBS sitcom and was not going to hide it.

Apparently, her attitude towards the show had been known because the fragment started with Kaley Cuoco trying to win Ms. Pat over by promising to send her all The Big Bang Theory DVDs to binge-watch. But Ms. Pat was adamant.

"I would never... I don't watch [it]. I can't watch [it]. It's too nerdy," the comedian exclaimed. "It's too smart. And I am not dumb. It's just corny. I can't get into it. And I don't get the jokes."

Cuoco was trying to get a word in saying Ms. Pat's reaction was totally fine but ended up jokingly pointing out she was scared of the comedian. Ms. Pat, however, continued expressing her unfavorable opinion and remembered the time when the stars of The Big Bang Theory started getting paid $1 million per episode.

"I was like 'Who the f**k is watching this show to pay these people a million dollars an episode?'" Ms. Pat said.

These words made Cuoco fall awkwardly quiet. She tried to disappear in her hat and oversized jacket making faces to the camera and apparently scared to even look at Ms. Pat.