Keanu Reeves-Led Constantine Sequel Gets Confusing Update Hinting at Cancellation

Keanu Reeves-Led Constantine Sequel Gets Confusing Update Hinting at Cancellation
Image credit: Legion-Media

Yes, right after the studio officially greenlit it in the first place.

It looks like the prospects for Keanu Reeves ' John Constantine at Warner Bros. are not as good as they first seemed. According to industry insider KC Walsh, the previously announced sequel to the 2005 film is no longer a go at Warner Bros.

The news comes despite the earlier announcement that Warner Bros. had greenlit the second film. The insider has an explanation.

"That was a movie they greenlit in desperation because they weren't sure the direction of DC her and needed to have something post-2023," KC Walsh tweeted.

Previously, Reeves held out hope for a Constantine 2, noting that the filmmakers were trying to put the story together — a comment that led many fans to believe there were no specific plans for the sequel.

"They don't seem to have any ideas for Constantine 2, they just wanted to make a DC movie with Keanu and greenlit it. Just another example of the poor decision making under the old DC execs, this is not the way," Jack McBryan of The Direct tweeted earlier in January.

The Constantine sequel has been the subject of much controversy since it was announced. Many people were critical of the Reeves-led sequel because they wanted more justice for Matt Ryan 's iteration of the iconic exorcist. Others noted that too much time had passed for the sequel to make any sense at all.

Still, many people were pleased to hear that the sequel was officially in development, with 2005 film director Francis Lawrence returning alongside Reeves.

The insider's claims of Constantine 2's cancellation were not immediately confirmed or denied by Warner Bros.