Kimiko and Black Noir Could Make a Good Duo, According to Reddit

Kimiko and Black Noir Could Make a Good Duo, According to Reddit
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Now that basically anything can happen in the final episode of 'The Boys'.

'The Boys ' season 3 is full of surprises. Now that we get to know more about Black Noir and his disturbing backstory, many people can't help but grow sympathetic to the mum character. At the same time, there is Kimiko, who also manages to be likeable despite being unable to talk.

This is why a lot of fans found themselves lowkey rooting for Black Noir and Kimiko to bond – even though the two did not get off to a good start when Black Noir almost killed her. But who needs to stick to that, right?

After all, these two do seem to have a lot in common.

"Both experienced significant trauma, both are dehumanized by psychopathic leaders who use them as a point and shoot weapon, both have regrets about their status as dangerous weapons, both have parts of their personality that kind of break from reality (Noir with the cartoon characters and Kimiko with musicals). Never thought about it before. Interesting." – /thatbtchshay.

Both Black Noir and Kimiko have dramatic backstories behind their inability to talk. Kimiko stopped speaking after witnessing her parents being murdered by a terrorist group named the Shining Light Liberation Army.

Black Noir, in his turn, lost his ability to talk after Soldier Boy violently beat him up in Nicaragua when Payback facilitated his "kidnapping" by the Russians. Part of his brain that was apparently responsible for speech fell out of his head, and his face was left disfigured, which is why Black Noir never takes his mask off.

With his trauma being not only mental but physical as well, many fans argued that Black Noir might simply be unable to develop meaningful human connections, having irreversibly become nothing short of a killing machine for Vought to exploit.

Who knows, maybe 'The Boys' will give these two a chance. But knowing this show, we wouldn't be too hopeful.

The eighth and final episode of season 3 premieres on Prime Video this Friday.