King Viserys is Everyone's Favorite After What He Did to Alicent in Episode 7

King Viserys is Everyone's Favorite After What He Did to Alicent in Episode 7
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He's come a long way from the least admired character to some sort of the House of the Dragon icon.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 7

Despite the initial hate that King Viserys faced at the beginning of House of the Dragon, it looks like he's securing himself more and more fans as he grows older and appears to be clearly siding with his daughter Rhaenyra instead of his wife Alicent.

However, during the after-funeral gathering that honored Daemon's late wife Laena, King Viserys went full roast mode. As soon as he passed by Alicent, telling her that he was going to bed and referring to her by the name of his first wife, Aemma, fans lost it.

Memes immediately followed, with people rejoicing over how petty Viserys was — but, according to them, it was exactly what Alicent deserved.

The "slap in the face" was not the last thing for Alicent — later, when her son Aemond lost an eye in a gruesome fight with his own cousins, Alicent tried to demand that Viserys grant her a permission to have one of Rhaenyra's children's eye removed as a payment. However, Viserys was clearly not in the mood, defending Rhaenyra's kids and basically roasting Alicent in front of everyone.

This did not end well for the Queen, as she went ballistic, snatched Viserys' knife and threatened and wounded Rhaenyra in front of everyone — an exchange that might as well be the beginning of the civil war among the Targaryens.

And King Viserys appears to have chosen his side when he said that anyone questioning the birth of Rhaenyra's children should have their tongue removed — and his eyes were fixed on Alicent when he spoke that.

Now that certainly means things are getting tense, leading us to the point of no return before the Dance of the Dragons erupts.

House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO Max, with just three episodes remaining until the end of season 1. It is unclear whether Dance of the Dragons will be finished before the season finale, with fans suspecting that things will be stretched into the second season. However, yet another time jump is expected to take place around episode 8, so it remains to be seen whether the civil war will continue through the next season. New episodes premiere every Sunday.