Kira and Malia: A Pairing Teen Wolf So Shamelessly Wasted

Kira and Malia: A Pairing Teen Wolf So Shamelessly Wasted
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That season 4 scene could have been the start of something beautiful.

What is more painful than mourning the iconic pairings established by the show and ruined by the recently released Teen Wolf: The Movie? Sighing over the pairings that could have been a thing, but never were.

Teen Wolf never canonically explored same-sex pairings, seemingly leaving the job to the fandom. Of all the missed opportunities, it's the wasted chemistry between Kira Yukimura and Malia Tate that fans regret the most.

The first time fans discovered that the two had some chemistry was in the iconic dance scene from season 4 episode 1, when Kira and Malia had to blend in with the dancers at the club — and ended up stealing the spotlight completely.

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According to fans, the two would have been perfect together, as the dance scene had more chemistry than most of the show's heterosexual pairings. When it comes to romantic tension, many fans feel that there is more of it between Malia and Kira than, say, Stiles Stilinski (who was always much more into Lydia).

Even story-wise, Kira and Malia's romance seems to make more sense than any other relationship on the show.

"It would've been so [much] better if they were a couple, all the Scott and Allison shippers won't send hate to Kira, keeping her and kitsune storyline alive and running in season 6, whereas Stiles and Lydia could've had a better build up to their romance in season 6. Also we wouldn't have had the god awful, forced relationship between Scott and Malia," one fan noted in the YouTube comment section of the dance scene video.

Even after all these years, fans still seem to mourn the fact that the ship never existed, even though it's clear now that both characters have clearly seen better days. Arden Cho 's Kira was left out of the newly released movie, while Shelley Hennig's Malia was "wasted" on sex scenes and comic relief. Both deserved better, according to fans, and maybe 2014 was the year they got it.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently available to stream on Paramount Plus.