Knows Their Own Mind, Not Afraid To Speak It: Sharon Osbourne Reunites With Piers Morgan On 'The Talk'

Image credit: Legion-Media

Sharon Osbourne left US show ‘The Talk’ in 2021 after a series of controversial events. But now she reunites with her old friend, Piers Morgan.

Osbourne and Morgan will host a new UK show which is also called ‘The Talk’. The announcement video was published in the show’s Twitter account.

This news seems to left Twitter users divided. Some of them believe that Osbourne and Morgan are not afraid to ‘say it as it is’ and stand up for the real truth, mentioning that it’s important to hear different opinions and Sharon is an excellent choice for this particular task.

But there are a lot of those who are not happy with the reunion. Some Twitter users even call to boycott 'The Talk’ and its hosts. They believe that after the racist scandal Osbourne had no choice but to escape and join an off-brand talk show.

There are also tweets that remind viewers to just turn off the show if they don’t like it.

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